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D.K. Prakesh Daniel - An on-fire man of God who moves in a powerful prophetic anointing
Posted on September 19, 2014

Pastor Daniel Prakesh

My testimony starts even before I was born. God had pre-planned everything. My father named me Daniel while I was still in my mother’s womb. I was born into a Hindu-Catholic family. My father went to a Catholic school and as a young man he lived without any knowledge or understanding of salvation. As so many others who lived without Christ, my father was arrogant and addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. On the other hand my mother was a Hindu who didn’t know that her arranged marriage was to a Catholic. The early days of the marriage were very difficult.

One day while there were still many family problems, my parents, my eldest brother, sister and I (as a baby) escaped from our village in the middle of the night, to the city of Chennai formally called Madras. When we lived in Chennai, we had some very hard times and it seemed like everything was always going wrong. We even lost our house which we built new. But then, amazingly, during that difficult time in 1980, my father got saved, baptized and filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. From then on our lives turned around and things were going more smoothly. My father served as a pastor in several villages where transformation had taken place for many souls in the parts of Tamil Nadu South India.

I was saved at the age of nine when the Methodist school I attended took me to a children's camp for 3 days. I confessed my sins and asked Jesus to come into my heart at the end of watching the film "Pilgrim's Progress". At the age of thirteen, the Lord God Almighty anointed me with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and from that moment, the Lord started using me for His kingdom. I am a living witness for Jesus Christ for the rest of my days.

I graduated with Master in Arts in Biblical Studies from the Renowned Seminary in India. God has also blessed me by allowing me to complete several leadership courses: Global Leadership Network, Train the Trainee, EQUIP (Dr.John C.Maxwell) etc. I received a Doctorate in Divinity, Honors at Academy of Global Peace, and I also serve as International Director of AUGP.

In the secular world I worked more than four years in computer and administrative jobs. Desktop Publishing, Data Conversion Technician were among some of my positions. I also worked as a Campus Acting Chaplin (Guest) in a International School. My Healing Ministry Started in 2008 when I went to North India where, we saw many miracles where people were healed from all kinds of sickness and diseases. I have had the privilege to travel to Malaysia , Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Mauritius, South  Africa, UAE and Kuwait. 


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